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Quick tips to write free classified ads that sell
The opening line: the first 3 or 4 words - are critical.
Since there are hundreds of classified ads in any given publication you must be able to get the reader who scans all to stop in his tracks when he gets to your ad and to read your ad and then take action.

The object: get the reader to take action.
In less than 25 words, you have to create a message that will make the reader stop; give him a reason - benefits to him - why this is for him; tell him what to do - action; and provide the vital information.

Call to Action. This is the final and in some ways the most important step.
If you don't include this then your whole ad will be a waste of time. Give the customers an immediately direction and an urgency to make that decision now.
Make sure you put your contact details on the free classified ad for them to get in touch with you however it may be that you choose website, email or phone.
So there you go, quick tips to your classifieds success. Give it a try